Childbirth Education Courses

One-Day Childbirth Preparation
This is a special one-day preparation class designed for those busy soon-to-be parents, who are unable to take the full five-week series. Fee: $70.00 more details

Four-week Childbirth Preparation Series
During this four-week series of classes, learn what to expect during labor and delivery and after your birth. Fee: $70.00 more details

Tour of St. Joseph's Hospital Women's Care
Expectant mother and one guest are invited to take a tour. The tour will take you to one of the birthing rooms, the Couplet Care postpartum area, and the Stork’s Nest Nursery. Fee: $0.00 more details

The Basics of Breastfeeding
This class is taught by certified breastfeeding specialists, who will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully breastfeed your baby. Fee: $30.00 more details

Infant CPR and Safety
This is an American Heart Association approved class designed to teach you infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Fee: $30.00 more details

Care of the Newborn
In this class you will learn the basics of newborn care. Topics will include: feeding, bathing, umbilical-cord care, diapering, newborn appearance, and general safety tips when you go home with your new baby. Fee: $25.00 more details

Sibling Tour
Brothers and sisters to-be with parent(s) tour the Couplet Care postpartum area, and make a stop at the window of the Stork’s Nest Nursery. Fee: $0.00 more details

Natural Family Planning
Carondelet's FertilityCare™ Center -- The Carondelet FertilityCare™ Center encourages couples to share in the responsibility of planning their families together. Using the Creighton Ovulation Method, couples are able to support their decision to either achieve or avoid pregnancy naturally, without the use of pharmaceutical contraceptives. Fee: $30.00 more details