Childbirth Education Courses

Infant CPR and Safety
This is an American Heart Association approved class designed to teach you infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation and how new parents and grandparents can provide a safe environment for the new baby. Grandparents are welcome to register separately.

Additional Info: 90-minute class. Two attendees per fee paid. Grandparents are welcome to register separately. Space is limited, enroll early.
Fee: $30.00
Start DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd TimeLocationSeats Open
4/19/201412:00 PM4/19/20142:00 PMSt. Joseph's Hospital1
4/24/20146:30 PM4/24/20148:30 PMSt. Joseph's Hospital4
5/10/201410:00 AM5/10/201412:00 PMSt. Joseph's Hospital6
5/22/20146:30 PM5/22/20148:30 PMWomen's Health Center5
6/14/201410:00 AM6/14/201412:00 PMSt. Joseph's Hospital8
6/26/20146:30 PM6/26/20148:30 PMSt. Joseph's Hospital7
7/12/201410:00 AM7/12/201412:00 PMSt. Joseph's Hospital8
7/24/20146:30 PM7/24/20148:30 PMSt. Joseph's Hospital7
8/16/201410:00 AM8/16/201412:00 PMWomen's Health Center7
8/21/20146:30 PM8/21/20148:30 PMSt. Joseph's Hospital8
9/13/201410:00 AM9/13/201412:00 PMSt. Joseph's Hospital8
9/25/20146:30 PM9/25/20148:30 PMSt. Joseph's Hospital8
10/11/201410:00 AM10/11/201412:00 PMSt. Joseph's Hospital8
10/23/20146:30 PM10/23/20148:30 PMSt. Joseph's Hospital8
11/8/201410:00 AM11/8/201412:00 PMSt. Joseph's Hospital8
11/20/20146:30 PM11/20/20148:30 PMSt. Joseph's Hospital8
12/13/201410:00 AM12/13/201412:00 PMWomen's Health Center8
12/18/20146:30 PM12/18/20148:30 PMSt. Joseph's Hospital8

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