Vendor Information

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Carondelet Health Network (CHN) and its affiliated sites.

CHN will maintain a safe environment for all patients, employees and visitors by assuring that Industry Representatives (IR) with direct patient care association comply with hospital, regulatory, and educational standards. To accomplish this objective, guidelines are in place for identifying appropriate education, training and qualifications of IR pertinent to the respective product/service and affected CHN department/area.


  • Industry Representative (IR) ? a representative of any organization, corporation or association doing business or requesting to do business with CHN.
  • Sponsor ? the person affiliated with CHN who has requested the presence of the Industry Representative at a CHN, facility, department, area, or function.

If you are an Industry Representative (IR) from a company wishing to initiate a business relationship with CHN and initiate the review process please complete the form below, and click on the Submit button.

If you already do business with CHN but require information to complete new requirements for accessing CHN sites and meeting CHN policy, please complete the form below, and click on the Submit button. Be aware that any or all of the following pieces of information may be required to complete this process: IR?s CV/Resume, copy of your company?s corporate educational profile, evidence IR?s other product-pertinent training, documentation of IR?s competency utilizing product and/or performing service, confirmation of applicable healthcare licensure, and documentation of your company?s corporate liability insurance coverage.

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